SAAS platform makes it easy to sign up and create profile. As part of the onboarding the platform learns about the business and set financial, performance, and risk benchmarks. The platform provides options to connect to third party data.


The software gathers the relevant data from your accounting system, banking system, and third party data relevant to your business. You would incorporate your alerts and boundaries of transactions and performance indicators.


Our Intelligent algorithms compare and reconcile the collected data continuously. The platform flags suspicious activities and highlights the level of risk for each high-risk transaction or event. Client will receive live alerts and reports for new, resolved, or unsolved risks.


Our comprehensive financial risk-monitoring platform protects the company from misappropriation, performance delays, and third party risks associated to the operation of the business. Our constant and automated risk profile report to decision makers and owners would create transparency and accountability.

Know Everything That Matters To Your Business

Know Your Industry

Are you expanding as fast as your industry? Are your financial data in line with your industry? Is your performance comparable to your competition? We bring relevant industry’s comparative information to your doorstep and provide you reports to examine your business performance and financials to your advantage.

Know Your Business Performance

Inolitix continuously monitors and analyzes Key Performance Indicators and provide reports. You will know at all times whether earnings, costs, and projects are progressing in line with the planned and budgeted expectations. You will be alerted of instances of deviations beyond your acceptable ranges. Inolitix will use this information to understand internal misappropriation, fraudulent transactions and other risks associated to the operation of the company.


Know Your Team

We do more than background checks at the time of hiring. We monitor your team, board members, and decision makers for associated risks to those individuals. Internal misconduct is motivated by major financial events, such as divorce or bankruptcy. We will monitor those events and make sure proper precautionary measures are taken by the company to prevent misuse of company’s resources.

Know Your Vendors And Customers

We analyze the worthiness of your Vendors and Customers. We will also constantly monitor their credit profile to make sure they are not facing legal or financial problems, which may affect your business operation as soon as the negative information is available. Whether a customer is filing for bankruptcy or a vendor is indicted for fraud, you would want to know. Our system puts that knowledge in your hands in real time.

Intelligently Adaptive and Customizable Risk Score System

Inolitix provides options to set risk score based on your business and industry. You can setup thresholds for transactions, accounts, employees, customers and vendor. Our platform is completely customizable to help each company to create its own risk profile, then the platform intelligently apply its collected data to the risk profile created. Inolitix gather industry fraud measures and comparative information to apply to its intelligent algorithm to provide a better risk alert system. As the result, the reports and alerts convey exactly what is important for your company, with proper scoring system. This way, reports are not going to be ignored, and false alarms are going to be prevented.


We Detect and Prevent Fraud

Billing Scheme

Analyze accounting and billing data and identify signs of all known billing schemes:

  • Customer collusions
  • Account lapping
  • Interception of Receipts
  • Duplicate Payments
  • Unauthorized Payments

Purchasing Scheme

Analyze accounting and purchasing data and identify signs of all purchasing schemes:

  • Vendor collusions
  • Vendor fraud
  • Non-accomplice Vendor Scheme
  • Shell Vendors

Payroll Scheme

Analyze accounting and payroll records and identify signs of all payroll schemes:

  • Ghost employees
  • Falsified wages
  • Improper expense reports

Check Tampering

Analyze accounting and bank data and identify signs of all check tampering schemes:

  • Converted checks
  • Unauthorized payees
  • Diverted or stolen funds



Our platform allows ongoing and live monitoring of the business’s credit profile and operations of the business or the project. Inolitix developed InoFin to accommodate this need for lending institutions, such as banks and private lenders, who extend business loans, mortgages, construction loans, or loans secured by business assets, who have a stake in knowing about the financial health of their borrowers for the term of the loan. As the result bank will face less default loans, higher profitability per loan, and less overhead for monitoring loans.



Accounting professionals can add a whole new facet to their practice: monitoring. Using the Inolitix platform, an accountant can connect to a client’s data and perform real-time, continuous monitoring without spending an inordinate amount of time. The accountant would then alert the client of any red flags and, if needed, help the client in investigating them. The monitoring and the related advisory and investigative services can add a profitable arm to the accounting practice without substantial additional costs or resources.
This system is also applicable for FRANCHISEES; Inolitix automatically monitors and issues financial reports for each franchisee location, resulting in reduced risk of fraud and misrepresentation of revenues and expenses.


A person in a fiduciary role for a trust, estate, or non-profit organization has a tremendous responsibility. How does this fiduciary ensure the wellbeing and protect the assets of those entities? Often the fiduciary has no access to the day-to-day operational data of those entities. Our platform will provide this transparency. The Inolitix software will connect to the internal data inside the entity, banking data, and relevant public records, and empower the fiduciary guardian with a monitoring tool that can ensure appropriate management of the entity’s resources. We also create alerts based on executor’s authorities to prevent misuse of control; we can set alerts based on amount, expense type, distribution limitations. We are fully flexible in setting alerts and limitations.



Venture capitalist, private equity firms, and small or institutional investors often acquire substantial interest in business entities. Yet those investors seldom have full, transparent access to the day-to-day operational and financial operations of those entities. Our platform provides this transparent access, real-time, continuously. Simply connect to the entity’s accounting system and bank data and begin monitoring, safeguarding your valuable investment and the resources that keep it alive and thriving. Inolitix will reduce the need for an independent comptroller for monitoring the financial of the invested firm.


  • InoFin
  • Monitor Multiple Loans
  • Loan Default Benchmarks
  • Live Risk Alert
  • Live Default Alert
  • Business Performance Monitoring
  • Individual Guarantors Monitoring
  • Risk Profile monitoring for the term of the loan
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  • InoFraud
  • Billing Scheme
  • Payroll Scheme
  • Shell Companies Scheme
  • Check Tampering
  • Purchasing Schemes
  • Real Time Alert
  • Expense Reimbursements Schemes
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  • InoRisk
  • Emplpyee Monitoring
  • Customer Monitoring
  • Vendor Monitoring
  • Calculate Risk Score
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Real Time Alert
  • Real Time Background check
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  • InoPerform
  • Proficiency Indicators
  • Activity Indicators
  • Efficiency Indicators
  • KPI Report
  • Expense Analysis
  • Real Time Deviation Alert
  • Industry Performance Comparison
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